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Duckett Ghost Crankin’

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Designed specifically for crankbait and reaction bait applications, the Duckett Ghost Series Cranking Rods feature new Sensi-Touch multi-modulus blanks, which offer the increased sensitivity and reduced weight of graphite combined with the forgiving, moderate actions you need to fish moving baits with tiny trebles. Perfectly balanced and weighted like all Duckett Rods, each blank is also Halo-Sanded to maximize the lightweight sensitivity and strength attributes of each rod.

Premium Micro Guides eliminate the issue of ring loss thanks to their proprietary 316 Stainless Steel frames and industrial-grade hard chrome inserts, while also increasing casting distance and accuracy. A true split-reel seat provides a comfortable cranking base for your reel, while increasing vibration transfer into your hands, and high-impact, cut-resistant EVA split grips only add to the comfort and weight savings. High-end rods at an affordable price, the Duckett Ghost Series Cranking Rods have what it takes to put more cranking fish in the boat.

-For rod replacements within 1-year of purchase, customer must show proof of purchase and Duckett Rods will charge $20 shipping fee. Over 1-year, Duckett Rods will not allow replacements unless rod is turning yellow. For all repairs Duckett Rods will charge normal $20 return shipping fee.