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Eagle Claw Snelled Hooks

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The Eagle Claw Snelled Baitholder Hook offers fishermen a simpler alternative to snelling their own hooks when using live or cut bait. The snelled baitholder hook, from Eagle Claw, is constructed using their standard medium wire baitholder hook snelled with premium monofilament line. The hook, specifically designed for live and prepared bait, features two small down barbs for securing the bait in place while in use. The offset, down-eye design increases the hookup efficiency and keeps the hook from burying itself too deep. The hooks are bronze in color and come 6 per pack.

Model 139 Hook Features

  • Snelled with premium monofilament
  • Extra-strong loop bonding
  • Designed for live bait
  • Two slices on shank to secure bait
  • Offset design with down eye
  • Medium wire construction

Size 6