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Flambeau HD Case

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Designed to keep your valuables secure and safe, the Flambeau HD Cases provide unshakeable performance and dependability. Constructed using thick, ribbed walls for increased durability, the Flambeau HD Cases provide waterproof, air-tight protection that is perfect for storing items, like graphs, electronic feeding simulators, flare guns, scales, and other on-board valuables.

Built with Zerust tabs on the inside, the Flambeau HD Cases provide long-lasting protection against rust, making them perfect for extended storage of metal items. Engineered with a built-in pressure screw, the Flambeau HD Cases are able to handle high-altitude travel.

Molded with contoured handles and holes for the addition of a lock, the Flambeau HD Cases provide functional and secure performance. Included with pick-foam for a customized fit, the Flambeau HD Cases ensure that your valuables are secure and properly stowed for complete peace-of-mind.