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Grande Bass 4" Mega Claw 8pk

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Featuring a Revolutionary Design, the GrandeBass Mega Claws is one of the most realistic and action-packed crawfish-style baits around. Fish it alone, or as a jig trailer, the Mega Claws two huge pinchers and various appendages flap wildly on the fall and as it swims through the water. The "Mega Claws" Rib design holds air and releases air bubbles in action & non-motion. Loaded with Mega3, which guaranties bass to hold on longer. Available in a variety of colors, the GrandeBass Mega Claws delivers living, breathing action that bass just won't pass up. The Mega-line is ALL ABOUT THE "VIBE"!. Wild, flapping action drives predatory instincts to lash out with savage strikes. Great for bass and pike. Designed to hold air bubbles on the surface of the plastic for a respirating apperance.7 per pack. Grande Bass Trophy Hunter.

Watermelon Candy Red