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Shoreline Marine Trailer Bunk Padding

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Protect your vehicle with Shoreline Marine Trailer Bunk Padding. This durable material functions as insulation between your trailer bunk and whatever you're hauling. It specifically works to protect the hull of a boat from rough treatment by the sides of the bunk while on the road. This full pack comes with an 8'' x 12'' sheet of quality trailer padding. These dimensions let you easily customize the size of the pads. Simply measure your trailer's dimensions and then cut the sheet down. The material slices without difficulty to help you make bunk covers that work just right with your equipment. Once installed, the padding uses its strong acrylic backing to give you durability in the roughest conditions. This carpet stays in one piece during loading and unloading. It stands up to trips down rough roads and keeps your cargo secure. This marine padding's durable construction also holds up under tough weather. Keep driving through all seasons with peace of mind, knowing your load is safe. Line your trailer bunk with the security that comes from Shoreline Marine Trailer Bunk Padding. 
Shoreline Marine Trailer Bunk Padding Pack:

  • Trailer bunk padding ensures that your equipment and vehicle stay in top shape
  • Easily cut to custom fit the dimensions of your trailer
  • Weather-resistant construction of the marine padding ensures you are prepared for all seasons
  • Strong acrylic backing for maximum durability
  • Measures 8'' x 12' (20.3cm x 3.66m)